Showcase Vehicle making results

Kyoto-shi: Standing train (2013)

  • Vehicle running on exclusive guideway in the Kyoto Umekoji park
  • Accumulator-ization of a restoration movement preservation vehicle
  • With a lithium ion battery
  • Supporting rapid chargin
  • General power supply outlet equipment for emergency use

Battery arrangement

Battery store under the seat

Around the driving equipment

The rapid charge scene

Main Specification

Base Vehicle Kyoto-shi N den 27(Restoration car)
Long×Wide×High 10,268(When safety net is open)×2,035×3,323(The electricity collection pole part is removed)(mm)
The gross vehicle weight 6,604kg(Base vehicle)
Pssenger capacity 38 person (22 seats)
Max Speed 9km/h(calculated)
Mileage per charge 26km(calculated)
The shape Wooden 2 axis single cart
The electric motor form DC series motor
Max Power 26.1kW×2
Max Torque -
Drive system The hang system
The battery type and capacity Lithium ion battery/ 33kWh