Showcase Vehicle making results

East Japan Railway: Electronic bus 「e-BRT」 (2013)

  • The middle distance practical use specification for JR Kesennuma line BRT (bus high speed transportation system)
  • Low-floor non step medium shuttle bus
  • With a lithium ion battery
  • Supporting cold region operation and rapid charging
  • General power supply outlet equipment for emergency use with a solar panel

Solar Panel

On-board monitor display

Engine compartment

USB outlet


Base Vehicle Isuzu elgamioo
Long×Wide×High 8,990×2,230×3,270(mm)
The curb weight/ gross vehicle weight 9,160kg / 11,855kg
Passenger capacity 449 people (driver's seat 1 + seat 20 + standing room 28)
Max Speed 80km/h(calculated)
Mileage per charge -
A shape Medium non step
The electric motor form IPM motor
Max Power 150kW
Max Torque 650N/m
A drive system 6M/T Rear drive
The battery type and capacity Lithium ion battery/ 65kWh