Showcase introduction results

The Okinawa peaceful prayer foundation: Smart park system

Introduction and charge installation of the circulation electric bus which makes the electric power photovoltaic generation installation gave a source of power Peace Memorial Park smart park of maintenance and work public relations-ize maintenance and a charge equipment to Peace Memorial Park, I carried on business. The electric power which was obtained every the photovoltaic generation wrap established newly this time is used for a charge to a circulation bus in the park, supply of electric power to each facilities in the park and a charge to a car of the person who visited by electric car. It's possible to reduce CO2 as much as about 4 tons a year by this. A circulation bus in the park is an electric car, but therefore very small, a noise agrees with this concept in Peace Memorial Park.

I'm having for my object to preserve a natural environment in Okinawa as well as plan for improvement of charm of Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau by promoting an environment measure in the sightseeing industry which is basic industry in Okinawa-ken.