development Motor/ Inveter Development

Motor/ Inveter Development by PUES

Our technical prowess refined in the automotive motor system R&D is practiced in R&D, prototyping and small-lot production of BLDC motors, inverters and controllers tailored to clients' requirements. We also undertake the design of the test vehicle.

Motor/ Inveter Development

Been delivered to Automaker / Auto parts maker

  • Traction motors for HEV ( 10kW~30kW )
  • Accessory motor for HEV ( 100s W )
  • Traction motors for small BEV ( 600W~5W )
  • Accessory motor for fuel cell/IC vehicle ( 100s W )

7kW Class Motor/ Inverter

600W Class Motor/ Inverter

Magnetic field analysis

We'll deliver an analysis result of the higher precision from the experience concerned with hundreds of kinds of motor development.

Magnetic field analysis