development Model-Based Development

Model-Based Development by PUES

In the filed of "Model-based (MATLAB / Simulink, etc)" controller development, we do not only act as the development tool operator. Our controller development engineers offer development services utilizing such tools to support clients' development programs.

Model-Based Development by PUES

Step of model base development

STEP 1 Model base development
  • Replace reality with abstract model and utilize simulation.
  • Deploy the model from simulator to ECU.
  • Use common platform over the entire development process.

STEP 2 Simulation
  • Check the system behavior in the simulator without having to build actual equipment.
  • HILS (Hardware In the Loop Simulation) is a simulation method that uses models instead of actual equipment.

STEP 3 Rapid prototyping
  • Convert the algorithm checked through simulation directly into ECU.
  • C code auto generation expedites control system implementation.