development Next Generation Vehicle Development

Next Generation Vehicle
Development by PUES

We manufacture electric vehicles according to
customer's request.
Electric vehicles can be manufactured with or
without base vehicles.

Next Generation Vehicle Development

BEV/ HEV Development 

We can convert Motor cycle, Micro vehicle, Four-wheel vehicle, Large size or Buisiness Bus/ Truck, Train into Electric vehicle.
Not only production but also certification acquisition of existing vehicles(certification of Minister etc.) and registration of numbers can be handled.
We utilize various vhehicle development experiences to provide vehicles that meet our customer's needs.


Kyoto-shi: Standing train (2013)


East Japan Railway: Electronic bus 「e-BRT」 (2013)


Isuzu: Elf(2013)


FCEV Development

We will utilize the electric system control technology cultivated at BEV to help develop FCEV vehicles for research and development and to develop demonstration test vehicles.

EV System Development

We can build the vehicle system which meet customer requirments/needs using the accumulated technology in a lot of vehicle production.