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Battery pack for large size electric bus

This battery pack was developed backed up by Large EV bus proven business of 10 minute charge running (Malaysia) of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO).

Our battery pack passes all the certificate inspections at 22nd April 2016.
We have made application to ministry of Land , Infrastructure , Transport and Tourism for the certification.

The purpose of this test is to confirm the safety of REESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System) against various factors assumed in case of accident. Even in the serious accident, we ensure sufficient time for the driver and passenger to evacuate.

The item The specification Note
Name Electric vehicle battery pack -
Form REESS359144S001 -
Manufacturer PUES International ltd. -
Battery module 27.6V-40Ah madeby Toshiba
Rechargable battery module(SCiB)
The number of battery modules 13 modules in series -
Nominal capacity(kWh capacity) 40Ah(14.352kWh) @25ºC
Nominal voltage 358.8V -
Voltage range 329.16V~390.00V SOC10%~90%
Maximum permissible current 120A(At the time of battery charging and discharging.) @25℃
Battery management PUES -
Safety device Service disconnect -
Over-current insulation equipment Fuse(350A) It has built-in in a service disconnect.
The storage temperature range
(Environmental temperature)
-30℃~55℃(Without dew condensation) Without dew condensation
The operating temperature limit -30℃~55℃(Without dew condensation) Without dew condensation
The movement ambient humidity Less than 15~85%RH -
Cooling method Forced air cooling by a cooling fan -
Overall size(W×L×H) 498.6mm×1188.5mm×500mm -
Weight 270kg