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600W integrated motor/inverter [M600]

Motor-Inverter-Controller integrated 600W power unit

Integration motor mechanical section, inverter, constitute integral parts of the controller into a unit, reducing the number of parts.

External view
Characteristic diagram

M600 simply works by feeding power and acceleration signal.
It responds to fail-safe signal as well.

  • Fine-grained control provides high performance and high efficiency
  • Long life
  • High durability
  • High environment resistance

Main Specification

Item Specification
Type IPM Type Syncronous Motor
Rotation Direction CCW(facing output shaft)
Wire winding method Three-phase distributrd winding/ Y connection
Isolation B Type
Rotor Position Detection Hole IC
Rated Output 0.58[kW]
Max Output 3.4[kW] / 5,000[rpm]
Max Torque 6.5[N-m] / ~5,000[rpm]
Max Revolution 9,000[rpm]
Permissible Thrust 175[N]
Radial Load 280[N] at the position of 17[mm] from the mounting surface
Control Scheme PWM control + Voltage - Susumu Sumi integrated control
Carrier Frequency 7.8[kHz]
Drive system Three-phase 120º energizing
Operating Power Range Operating Assurance DC56 - 96 [V]
Performance Assurance DC72 - 90 [V]
Power Control Range DC12.0 - 14.4[V]
Power Consumption 3.6[W]
Maximum Current 80[A]
Power Device MOS FET
Axel Output varied by resistance
Regen Function Yes
Protective function Yes
Operable temperature / humidity range 10 - 50[ºC] 10 - 85%[RH]
Cooling Method Natural air
Protection Closed (non-waterproof)
Vibration Proof Below 4G, 50~500[Hz] 3-way
Storage Temperature / Humidity -20 - 60[ºC] 30 - 60%[RH]
Life 1,000[H] Ambient temperature 20ºC
  • Rotary direction is available in CW or CCW. Normal & reverse rotation is also available on option.
  • Standard feature is CCW facing the shaft.
  • Motor cabinet is sealed, however, please specify if water-proofing is necessary.
  • Special orders such as; different drive voltage, delivery with reduction gear or custom-built housing, are available on option.
  • If you intend to drive 12V controller with battery, please make sure to apply DC-DC converter between battery and motor.
  • We offer DC-DC converter as well.
  • For the latest information, please contact the office.