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DC-DC Converter

Step-down DC-DC converter with a CC-CV function.
12[V](24[V]) DC-DC converter for battery.

A DC-DC converter is a circuit that converts DC voltage. Our DC-DC converter is a buck-type with CC-CV function allowing efficient charging of 12V (24V) battery. 1.5kW output type is also available without changing the housing dimension. Also, 24V output type is available by changing the module.

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Main Specification

Item Specification
Input Voltage Range 270 - 410[V]
Output Voltage Range 14.0±0.5[V]
Output Power(Peak) 1.0[kW]
Cooling Water
Operating Temperature Range -20 - 70[ºC]
Weight 6.0kg (Design Value)
Misc. Output voltage up to 1.5kW available without design change (upon request)24V output type available with module change (upon request)
Protection Short circuit protection(Output*)Reverse polarity protection(*)
Thermal protection (Output limit)
Output current protection (Current limit)
Alarm output