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Isolation Fault Detector[CEL4]

Isolation fault detector for equipment with high voltage DC circuits

It has a sensor that continuously monitors the isolation resistance between vehicle and HV circuit that is isolated from the vehicle chassis. It outputs "warning signal" and "alarm signal" when it detects deterioration of isolation. We supply this unit as a circuit board for your convenience in layout, but a suitable housing is also available upon request. Measuring cable that allows operation/behavior check makes this unit applicable for research purposes as well.

Main Specification

Detection method Alternated constant current method.
Target high voltage 420[V]
(Option greater than 420V is available. Contact us for details.)
Detection resistance range 50 kOhm - 400 kOhm
Two stage detection is possible. (Warning signal, Alarm signal)
Input power DC 8V - 30[V]
Power consumption No more than 1.5[W]
Sampling period 0.2 second
Decision time 4 seconds (at shipping).Minimum of 2 seconds.
Decision time depends on the setting of the noise filter.Contact us for details.
Operating temperature and humidity range -30 to 85 degree Celsius, -95% RH
Dimensions L68 × W54 × H20[mm]
Weight 62[g]