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Battery Management System[BMS]

Intelligent battery control unit for Lithium-ion battery system





BMU has an Independent CAN I/F for master controller
Voltage sense accuracy ±10mV (sampling ratio 100ms)
Temperature ±1.5ºC(-15 to +80ºC) High temperature range:±3.0ºC
Current Providing 10 bits AD (based on current sensor)
Cell voltage equalization Discharge method (1W/cell)
SOC calculation Composed method, current accumulation and OCV referring
Threshold value observation Comparison with initial setting Parameters
(Upper/Lower limit of V/T/C)
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  • Logging
  • Super Capacitor for RTC
  • Isolation Voltage Monitoring Board: It can connect up to 3 Isolation Voltage Monitoring Boards (2ch/ board)

System Specification

The system consists of one BMU and some (up to 13) BSUs
A BSU can monitor up to 12 cells
BMU and BSU are connected with 12 wires cable by daisy chain method
Current sensor has 2ch・ 8 segments of LED indicator can be controlled ・External relay (maximum 8ch) can be controlled
Power BSU ; Internal Cell , BMU ; 12V outside
I/F CAN 2ch, RS232C 2ch
Configuration PUES can set parameters of battery characteristics and those applications which were supplied by customer.*Configuration tools are available upon request.

PUES is constantly updating various methods of battery protection.