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Interface Box For Quick Charging

This interface box enables to use the CHAdeMO quick charger.

"CHAdeMO" is a trademark of CHAdeMO Association. As vehicle mounted, this Interface Box enables older EVs, imported EVs and etc which do not support CHAdeMO standard to use the CHAdeMO Quick Chargers. This Interface Box greatly improves convenience by using this with CHAdeMO compliant chargers, regardless of make. It monitors charging voltage & current, and is accessible with chargers that accommodate CHAdeMO standards such as electrical specification, charge control and communication protocol.

External view

Main Specification

Item Specification
Input Range
(CHAdeMO equivalent standards)
DC50 - 500[V]
0 - 125[A]
Maximum power 50[kW]
Cooling Method Natural Air Cooling
Communication Communication Protocol : CAN2.0B
Weight 4.8[kg]
Continuous monitoring
  • Vehicle-side charge circuit failure
  • Vehicle & charger-side charge timing & process speed
  • Charger's output responsivity against charge command value
  • Voltage measurement disparity between vehicle and charger
  • Charger's connection status
  • CAN communication integrity
Diagnostic Function • Protection
  • Detection of vehicle-mount battery's compatibility
  • Battery protection
  • Battery voltage observation
Misc. In accordance with CHAdeMO standards