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About Us

PUES mainly provides three services: engineering, trading and manufacturing services. We conduct individual sales of imported components but also have experience with combining various high-end parts from overseas into an integrated system and providing this system to Japanese automotive manufacturers as a Tier 1 supplier.
Should you be considering entering the Japanese market, one of the key markets for electrification, we are fully capable of being your Japanese market partner by providing your company and customers here with flexible engineering support during the development process.

Merits of entering the Japanese market with PUES

Why do Japanese OEMs and Tier 1 choose PUES? What are the merits of working with PUES?

PUES is trusted and has long-running relationships with OEMs and Tier 1 via its consigned development business. By partnering with a company with solid engineering foundation such as PUES, we are able to effectively market your product’s strengths and help you secure a stable sales channel in Japan.

We are capable of proposing the optimal solutions using your product with our expertise in advanced development.

Given our in-house technical development capabilities, we are able to provide technical support instead of just functioning as a importer for the products.

We provide flexible support based on the customers' needs regardless of its production stage, whether it be for sample stages or mass production.

We have development experience in a variety of vehicles not limited to automobiles and can provide support for a variety of customers.

Should a defect be found in Japan, PUES will act as the initial aftersales support for the OEM and negotiate with them as your representatives on how to proceed.

The chances of OEM's using your products for their testing and mass production should increase with the introduction from PUES.

Merits of entering the Japanese market with PUES

Marketing & Sales

  • Provides solutions that take into account the overall system design
  • Markets your product to OEM, Tier 1 (Strategic Partnership Agreement)
  • Negotiations with OEM, Tier 1

Trading Process

  • Handles the necessary certifications in Japan
  • Pickup from factory and logistics

Aftercare and Technical Support

  • Technical support to the customer
  • Defect handling and incidence management in Japan
  • Customer feedback regarding your product

Trading Business

Below are some actual samples of the business transaction flow.

Business Flowchart

Business Flowchart
    Business transaction flow for trading activities
  1. Please contact us via the website contact form.
  2. A meeting will be held to know more about the product and discuss planned business activities (an NDA shall be signed between both parties at this stage if necessary).
  3. PUES shall purchase one unit of the product for the potential business.
  4. PUES shall evaluate the product vis-a-vis its product specifications in the catalog.
  5. The product will be introduced in PUES' catalogs and website.
  6. PUES will handle the technical and aftersales support for the customer in Japan once the business starts.
  7. PUES shall provide feedback of the product from the customer.

Main Customers in Japan

We receive multiple development requests from various Japanese OEMs, Tier 1 and academic institutions.

  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Honda Motor Co., Ltd
  • Mazda Motor Corporation
  • Hino Motors,Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
  • UD Trucks Corporation
  • Universities
  • Public research organizations
  • Government agencies

Case Studies

BRUSA Elektronik

BRUSA Elektronik AG, located in Switzerland, develops and manufactures power electronics devices and drive units for EVs and HEVs. The company has proven technology that earns the trust of many automotive manufacturers in EU. PUES is the sole distributor of BRUSA in the Asia-Pacific region.

Location Switzerland

Product Charger, DC-DC Converter, Motor, Inverter etc.

Trade style PUES is the sole distributor of BRUSA in the Asia-Pacific region.


McLaren Applied

McLaren Applied has developed its core technologies from over 20 years of experience at the leading edge of motorsports competition. It has supplied various electronic components to the field of high-end motorsports, and the products are compact and lightweight with superb durability and excellent reliability. PUES is the Non-exclusive distributor of McLaren Applied Ltd. in the Asia-Pacific region. We offer high-end electronic components for motorsport applications.

Location England

Product Sensor, Alternator, Controller etc.

Trade style PUES is the Non-exclusive distributor of McLaren Applied Ltd. in the Asia-Pacific region.

MacLaren Applied


Webasto (Germany) is an automotive component provider that designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of automotive components with customers around the world. PUES provided sales and technical support services for Webasto’s initial battery pack project in Japan. The battery pack was mounted into an electric vehicle manufactured by PUES and has started its trial operations.

Location Germany

Product Battery Pack etc.

Trade style PUES provided sales and technical support services for Webasto’s initial battery pack project in Japan.